The Presidents

This app is built around four main themes:

1. First, an ordered list of Presidents is presented which will display the important facts about each person. If you have an internet connection, you can see even more in-depth information about each President by linking directly to each President's biography on Wikipedia.

2. Second, you are encouraged to memorize the order of the Presidents through a small game. The Presidents are presented in a random list. When you push the "Begin" button, each row gains a set of bars at the right end. If you press and hold the bars for an instant, you can then move each President higher or lower on the list. You can get some feedback by pressing the "Grade" button and then resume moving. It is best to begin either at the top or bottom of the list and then fill it in. If you leave the list and return, you are presented with a whole new random ordered list.

3. Third, there are nearly 500 trivia type questions about the Presidents, their First Ladies, and some of their accomplishments, hobbies, and idiosyncrasies. By pressing the "Next" or "Previous" button a question is presented. After you think you know the answer, press the "Tap to Answer" button and the answer will appear. These questions will appear in a new random order each time you begin.

4. Fourth, a collection of portraits and photographs appears. Once you think you know who it is, click on the image – you will see his name as well as a picture of him and his wife when they were younger. These pictures will appear in a new random order each time you begin.

The app is targeted at anyone interested in presidential history. Version 2 of this universal app will run on an iPhone (in portrait mode only) or an iPad (in portrait or landscape mode) running IOS version 11 or 12. The background art work is both from WikiCommons as well as the White House website. The following are representative screenshots taken from the app in portrait on an iPhone and iPhoneX. The last two images are from an iPad in portrait and landscape mode.

7-0 7-2



Please use the contact page to send any comments, suggestions, or rants to me. I would greatly appreciate any new questions pertaining to any President to include in any future updates.

This app is now available on the Appstore.